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The quality and art style has shown improvement over the year! What I should say is keep up the good work! You did a LOT of effort now ...

This actually changes my perspective how I see both Sonaze and Code Lyoko. Your art is very cool in originality, and it does give an im...

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Fire Emblem Fates - Selkie (High Contrast Version) by EthanR27 Fire Emblem Fates - Selkie (High Contrast Version) :iconethanr27:EthanR27 1 0
NB Ch. 10 - A Sad Reunion Leads to New Beginnings
“No response… patient pronounced dead…”
Sonic stood there in front of the motionless D.T. as he started crying, seeing that Tails’ beloved brother has died in front of his eyes. He eventually started weeping in his bare’ cold hands as the heart monitor stayed monotonic and beeped a spine-chilling chime that caused him to cry even more.
“How am I going to tell Tails about this…”
As he was going to fall asleep, he saw a very bright light emitting from the doorway of the room, in which the weird thing is that it’s not disturbing Sticks at all while she’s already fast asleep. When the bright light had vanished, what Tails saw was a remarkable response from his facial expression that he may not be able to see this ever again, especially something he knows about. He got off from his bed gently as to not disturb Sticks and approached to the direction where th
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 17
NB Ch. 8 - Emotional Explosion and Upsetting Flee?
    Tails stayed kneeling next to his brother, whimpering and crying at the physical image of his brother dying slowly in his own hands. “WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?” Tails bawled out loud.
    “Obviously he need a doctor….” Sonic said.
    “BUT HOW ARE WE GONNA GET THERE ON TIME?!?” Tails exclaimed while weeping.
    “Uh, easy…. I’ll take him…” Sonic said as he picked up the injured D.T. into his arms.
    “*grunts* Don’t worry about me…. Tails… *grunts* Go finish the job with Eggman for me…. okay?” D.T said quietly.
    Sonic quickly dashed off to find a hospital before Tails could respond to his brother in return. On the other hand, Tails suddenly builded up rage again because he was very upset as to what had occurred over that instant and in the past. For once in his life, he had gone parano
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 3 20
NB Ch. 9 - True Love Discovery and A Plot Twist?
*sniff* “Why did I become like this? How did I end up like this?!? WHY?!?” Tails asked himself rather harshly as he continued crying to himself, while sitting among the top of a hill by the shore. He had been coping with his emotions for a few hours already since he arrived there after his enraging encounter with Eggman.
Sticks on the other hand, was searching for him for a very long time, running desperately just to find Tails, which made her worry a lot since his disappearance in Eggman’s base. She trembled in fear and sadness, making her think that she won’t be able to see him ever again. She was at the brink of tears when she started to arrive at the shoreline, and started to cry as she desperately gave up in finding Tails, which she completely lost hope and plummeted against the soft sand by the lake.
Crying and crying, Sticks was very emotional and felt heartbroken that she lost Tails for good. Little did she know, Tails was nearby, hearing her cries of em
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 0
NB - Chapter 7: Long Battles and Death Among Them?
At the instant D.T. saw Eggman’s robots, he took off, leaving behind the mic on, which made a very horrible static that caused the robots to explode as if it was destroyed by an EMP, which was a good thing at the moment when he escaped. As he was flying away, he was humming to Hail to the King, until his phone started ringing. Sonic dialed in from his smartwatch, which sounded like he was in trouble.
“Hey Sonic, what’s up?” D.T answered.
“D.T., we found Sticks, but we are gonna need some back up ASAP!” Sonic exclaimed.
“You got it, dude! On my way!” D.T said as he hung up.
As soon that D.T. hung up, he noticed that some robotic hornets shooting him with lasers. As soon that he turned around, he saw that he was approaching a boulder, which made him react at the last second and caused the robots to collide to the boulder, causing them to be dismantled on impact. As soon that he saw Eggman’s base dead ahead, he went through the open wi
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 3 0
NB - Chapter 6: Daring Rescues and Possible Fate?
    Tails started darting to Eggman’s base at full speed as anger starts building up on him for one reason: Eggman kidnapped Sticks and want him to prove him that she’s worthy for him. Frustrated at the Egghead, he bolted down the forest with his twin tails as a speed propeller and rushed to his base in about 10 minutes flat. When he arrived, he was standing right at the entrance, desperate in thinking on how to get in the base in the first place.
“Don’t worry Sticks……” Tails whispered harshly. “I’m coming…”
--Back to the Sonic Boom gang and D.T.--
“Awesome job, D.T.!” Sonic complimented him with his usual signature thumbs-up.
    “Thanks man, I’m glad you enjoyed it!” D.T. said in response.
    “Really cool dude, but what exactly happened back there?” Knuckles asked in his idiotic ways.
    Sonic and
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 0
NB - Chapter 4: Sibling Reunion and Stage Fright?
“D.T.!” Tails exclaimed, running up to hug his dear twin-tailed brother.
Jacob Prower, also known as D.T. by Tails and his friends, is Tails’ older brother. He is a 14-year old 2-tailed red fox that is as tall as Sonic and part and lead vocalist of his band, called “The Mutation Effect”. Coincidentally, he will be performing today by the village grounds in Town Square.
“Oh, I am so excited to see you, bro!” Tails said happily.
“I’m excited as well, buddy!” D.T. said. “How’s it been?”
Tails hung his head low due to his depressed state and was quivering a bit because of 2 reasons: he’s mentally suffering right now and is at a point of crying.
“What’s wrong, dude?” D.T. asked
“Uh… nothing….” Tails responded quietly.
“You can tell me, bro… I’m your brother…” D.T. said.
“Um…. nothing, really….” Tails said quietly.
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 6
NB - Ch. 5: Guilty Pleasures and Hostile Activity?
For the way you changed my plans
For being the perfect distraction
For the way you took the idea that I have
Of everything that I wanted to have
And made me see there was something missing, oh yeah…
Sticks was just standing in the audience, blushing and a gaping mouth open due to shock from both Tails bravery to sing for her, and he is singing one of her guilty pleasures that Tails knows, and that is why D.T. knew about it and she assumes that they purposely chose that song for him to sing.
For the ending of my first begin

    “Ooh, yeah yeah, ooh, yeah yeah”, Sticks started singing along with Tails.
And for the rare and unexpected friend

    “Ooh, yeah yeah, ooh, yeah yeah”, Sticks whispered as she blushed lightly to the wonderful thing Tails is d
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 13
NB - Ch.3: Late Night Stands and Morning Surprise?
“Wait…. what?” Tails asked, confused and blushing at the same time.
“You heard me….” Sticks said.
Tails is still shocked at what he can’t believe what he heard from Sticks. He was surprised that she actually had affectionate feelings for him. He was at awe about what was going to happen next.
“How come you never told me all this time? I see you in your paranoia state and never expect you--” Tails started.
“Shhh…. Calm down Tails….” Eventually, Sticks planted a kiss on Tails’ cheek, and that definitely made him blush. “It’s not like you’ve been on a relationship before, haven’t you?”
“Uhhh… I was…. technically…..” Tails stuttered because he expects that Sticks will do something against him for that.
“Really?..... With who?...” Sticks asked, disappointedly.
“Ready for a long story about it?” Tails asked.
“Why not
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 0
Mario Kart 8 - GCN Baby Park by EthanR27 Mario Kart 8 - GCN Baby Park :iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 2
NB - Chapter 2: Comfort and Confession?
   “No, that can’t be possible!” Tails roared to himself. “I am utterly confused right now. How can I like Sticks as more than friends?!? That is just... ridiculous. Unless…”
   Tails can’t take a hold of himself and went out for a walk to cool down his mind. Being an inventor, recalling those horrifying memories, and thinking about him and Sticks is hurting his head too much. The problem is that he can’t stop thinking about Sticks. He never experienced anything so complicated in his life. Everytime he remembers the horrifying memories, he always finds a connection eventually leading him to think of Sticks.
   What was so special about Sticks that Tails keeps reminding himself about? That’s the logical conundrum the kitsune is going through.
   Tails never, but almost did, had a true relationship in his life. During the adventures of Sonic X, Tails is head over heels for Cosmo, but never manag
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 2 0
Fem!Mangle x Male!Reader BONUS Chapter
Valentine's Day is around the corner and (m/n) doesn't know what to get for Mangle... He was thinking of taking her out to dinner, but it was difficult because of the baby. Love is in the air, and some OTPs can be seen throughout the house: Mangle and (m/n), Toy Freddy and BonBon, and Toy Chica and the cupcake.
Since Toy Chica and the cupcake have dates at the house by eating pizza and pigging out on ice cream for desserts, (m/n) found the perfect people to watch the baby. (m/n) believes it's a bad idea for Toy Freddy and BonBon to watch the baby because they get drunk and becomes careless, like doing "that" for example...
"Hey Chica!" (m/n) stated. "Can I ask you a favor?"
"Sure, what is it, (m/n)?" Toy Chica asked.
"I'm planning to take Mangle out on a date for Valentine's Day, and I was wondering if you can watch the baby for us?" (m/n) said.
"That's cool, and no problem!" Toy Chica said.
3 hours later...
Toy Freddy and BonBon are drinking their asses off at their shared bedroom. To
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 6 15
Conditions Don't Matter - Chapter 2
Prologue - Part 2
All of the original animatronics are deactivated in the Parts and Service room. They have been left in that room ever since the restaurant was still under construction and the CEO is still thinking about scrapping them. Eventually, his final decision is to keep them, just in case the restaurant closes down. The CEO is a bit superstitious and he was “predicting the future”, so that motivated his decision into keeping them.
The staff think that the original animatronics were still shut down, but they reactivate once in a while, especially in the evening. Foxy was the first one to reactivate, after a long time being shut down.
“Hello lads and lassies, it’s yer old pal, Foxy!” Foxy stated. Little did he know, Foxy realizes that there are no children around, and even more, he discovers himself that he is in some sort of closet. Freddy, out of nowhere, reactivates after Foxy and trying to recover any data he had lost for over 20 years. “Y
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 0 5
Conditions Don't Matter - Chapter 1
Prologue - Part 1
Fazbear Entertainment is preparing a grand opening to a new restaurant: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. It will be the new pizzeria of 1987, after having to close down the original location: FredBear's Family Diner. The only reason that people know about the closing is that the place was meant to rot. Little did they know, 5 children were murdered in that restaurant, no traces of them were found…
The original animatronics that lived in the diner are Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. They were all the main attractions in the diner that all of the kids enjoy watching their performances. Foxy on the other hand, he performs in his personal shows to takes children on an adventure in the Seven Seas, supposedly.
One day, a mysterious person, to us known as the “Purple Guy”, came out of nowhere and saw a child cry in the sidewalk. Other than helping the kid, he murdered him and left his out there as if like nothing happened. On the same day, he went to the backsta
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 1 0
Jeremy Fitzgerald... At the Brink of DEATH! by EthanR27 Jeremy Fitzgerald... At the Brink of DEATH! :iconethanr27:EthanR27 3 3
The Only Christmas Gift I Want
It is Christmas Eve, and the Sonic Boom gang are having a small Christmas party at the hut. When I mean by a small party, it consist of only the gang, nobody else, not even Comedy Jim. It is the afternoon before Christmas, everyone is getting ready for the occasion.
Sonic was the one in charge of the whole party, since he was fast at getting stuff done. Amy was in charge of decorations, as seen that she is a beauty and decorating guru. Tails was in charge of the lighting and the entertainment, since he’s the techie of the group. Knuckles was in charge of the food, as usual, nothing new.
On the other hand, it is Sticks’ first Christmas. She never knew about the tradition (or the holiday I should say) since she lived on her own before meeting them. The only reason she had no role in the preparation is because she doesn’t know what you do in Christmas. The whole afternoon, she was sitting alone at her couch in her burrow.
Since Amy was done with her part, she went to go
:iconethanr27:EthanR27 1 4


Mothertale 3 by Kosmotiel Mothertale 3 :iconkosmotiel:Kosmotiel 124 36
40 things NOT to do in Tazmily
-I shall never tell Lucas "Your Mama" jokes unless I want to make him cry.
-I shall never call Flint Chuck Norris, or the illigitimate offspring of Chuck Norris.
-Calling Claus Darth Vader is a bad idea
-I will never again force Fassad and Salsa to preform Aladin songs for my amusement
-Calling Alec "Foxy Grandpa" will make Lucas kill me.
-Singing "Kiss The Girl" whenever Duster and Kumatora ar alone in Ohsoe Castle, then pining it on Lucas, will lead to this equation: Me + Wallstaples= DEATH'D
-Singing "If you were gay" around any Magypsie  is uncalled for.
-So is calling Porky "Porky Pig"
-Coparing Kumatora 6to Sakura from Naruto would cost me my own hospital bill.
-Duster is NOT a creepy pedo
-Nor was he abused by Wess...maybe...>.>
-I will stop claiming I took Claus's place in the Pigmask Army.
- The Ultimate Chimera is NOT a cute little kitty.
-Lucas is tired of me poking his upwright hair and calling him "Cloud"
-So is Claus
-Porky did NOT have an affair with Giegue.
:iconrainpawofthunderclan:RainPawOfThunderClan 53 28
MOTHER 3 - Lucas Kumatora by MaximoVLorenzo MOTHER 3 - Lucas Kumatora :iconmaximovlorenzo:MaximoVLorenzo 785 131 Cafe Cardamari Valentine Cards by TamarinFrog Cafe Cardamari Valentine Cards :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 521 71 Overwatch - Tracer by nakanoart Overwatch - Tracer :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 6,166 187 Fire Emblem 14 - Mahjong Fates by polarityplus Fire Emblem 14 - Mahjong Fates :iconpolarityplus:polarityplus 2,381 163 As Lilith Does by YuukiHikari As Lilith Does :iconyuukihikari:YuukiHikari 190 16
Devious Journal Entry
geez i was such a drama king lmao
:iconareyoufreddyforready:AreYouFreddyForReady 1 16
Projecting much? by Xekowarrior123 Projecting much? :iconxekowarrior123:Xekowarrior123 132 84 Before and after... by cosenza987 Before and after... :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 538 97 Supreme Ruler Circus Baby by AlisonWonderland1951 Supreme Ruler Circus Baby :iconalisonwonderland1951:AlisonWonderland1951 745 219 Undertale Valentine's Day Cards - Complete Edition by rainbowthefox Undertale Valentine's Day Cards - Complete Edition :iconrainbowthefox:rainbowthefox 1,432 331 .:Super Mario Maker Stamp:. by ThePinkMarioPrincess .:Super Mario Maker Stamp:. :iconthepinkmarioprincess:ThePinkMarioPrincess 93 0 Super Mario 3D World Stamp by GameAndWill Super Mario 3D World Stamp :icongameandwill:GameAndWill 16 0 Fire emblem Fates stamp by Katelinpon Fire emblem Fates stamp :iconkatelinpon:Katelinpon 20 0 USA's Downfall by Dr-dash USA's Downfall :icondr-dash:Dr-dash 179 239


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Hello. My name is Ethan, and I am here for 1 year (HORRAY!) in DeviantArt so far. I've been at this site many times to gaze at some of the artwork, and read some of your fanfics, which were great! I wanted to start DeviantArt so that I can share some fanfics later on. One of them that I'm working on is a shipment of Sticks and Tails from Sonic Boom, even though that I do not own them. I will have more ideas eventually, but for now, this is a good start for me and DeviantArt.

You can now find me in! The link is listed as "my" website.


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Hey guys, here's another small update after a very long "hiatus" I had.

As I finished New Beginnings a few days ago, I was starting to lose interest to write Sonic Boom any longer.

I will continue to like the show just a bit and support the ships and such, but I'm making a "drastic" move...

I am entering Undertale territory.

I have no words how to describe how great of a game Undertale is! I never enjoyed such a great game that they released. At first, I was a bit lenient to the game because it seemed boring (I know, get mad at me if you want XD), but after watching gameplays, I wanted to try it for myself, and I fell in love with the game, but I started the game like a little bitch because I was crying like a bitch for breaking Toriel's heart.

Eh.... Anyway, there will be a new fan fiction project I'm working on that is based on a roleplay I did with a friend of mine. I think it would be great. There are already 15 chapters planned and still counting!

See you in the next update!
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Fire Emblem Fates - Selkie (High Contrast Version)
As a little thing from me since I haven't uploaded anything in a while. I hope I have no one worried...

Anyway, if you never played Fire Emblem Fates for the Nintendo 3DS, this is Selkie: one of the children from the Deeprealms for the Birthright and Revelation paths. She is a kitsune and the offspring of another kitsune, named Kaden.

For 2 days, I wanted to sketch this out, so I got this done early morning today in order to continue my joy for this game. By the way, this is the HC version because it looks more cleaner.

I hope that you will enjoy this mini piece, as a colored version will be determined at a later date.

Feel free to download this, but PLEASE ask me if you want to use this for "commercial" use (other media, presentations, etc).


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Erik-the-Okapi Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I was wondering if you have caught up on Sonic Boom Season 2.
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I haven't... I was busy with school. But in Winter Break I'll do so. AND, I'm coming back to the fandom for this one and write an alternate sequel than what my friends are doing. They are doing "Mischievous Inheritance" (what I originally owned and I gave them full authority on what used to be mine) while I am planning the alternate sequel "What If My Crazy Badger Said Yes?" as I continue "Blossoming Hearts of the Underground" for Undertale. So expect those two on my FanFiction and I'll do so here soon as well.
Erik-the-Okapi Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay. I'll be looking out for the both of them.
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol the prologue is out for Blossoming Hearts of the Underground. I still gotta plan the sequel
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Erik-the-Okapi Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, since you said the New Beginnings story's on, what's your username?
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Erik-the-Okapi Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay. BTW, I already found the sequel to New Beginnings. Good start so far.
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That's on others who took on for me lol it's two of my good friends and followers who wanted to continue the series lol
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NecroGhostMango Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Pokes* .H.
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
NecroGhostMango Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I-I just wanted to say hello ovoU
How's life? n-n
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Full of bullshit, like always... too much school work, but good thing that we get out for break next Friday.
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dust-bunie Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015
your welcome! :iconllama-plz:
Yorphine Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Happy dance by KatataEtcThank-you-for-watch by KmyGraphic:funnydance: by CookiemagiK
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem
NecroGhostMango Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey n-n
How are ya? nwn
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, it's been a bit rough because of school again. How about you?
NecroGhostMango Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Meh,like everyday -w-
*hugs* I missed you x3
EthanR27 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I missed you too. Now the thing is... I'm actually more active in FanFiction, so.... I barely get on here now...
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piplup641 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Student Artist
Btw I do have a youtube channel if you wanna see Tails x Sticks video here:………;

and  pretty soon I might make more..
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